Monday, October 29, 2007

Plunder the Moon? Hell yes!!!

h/t Instapundit… An enviro-wacko worries about humans ‘plundering the Moon’.

The Moon is dead, dead, dead. Any resources we acquire there, such as clean energy (the article mentions He3 as a possibility), will only benefit humankind. Of course we should plunder it, IF and when it becomes economically beneficial. It’s a no-brainer. No animals would be harmed. No ecosystems would be displaced. What could be better?

But to E-Ws, the idea of humans economically benefiting from anything beyond primitive hunter-gathering and subsistence farming is reprehensible… deplorable… an occasion for the 3 W’s, Worry, Whining and hand-Wringing. Concepts such as human use, human benefit and human enjoyment feel bad to them.

Suppose you had a neighbor or “friend” who paid lip service to loving you, but in reality, was upset by any action you could take that might benefit you. Especially if it was going to benefit you financially or let you enjoy good things in life. Would you not logically conclude that, in fact, the person hates you - and is a repulsive nut? That's why I call 'em enviro-wackos, and how I know they hate humankind.

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