Monday, September 17, 2007

Hillary Clinton... a corrupt shrew. She only returned Hsu's $850,000 because she got caught. Hsu is probably just the tip of the iceberg, with her. And when she speaks, the anger that practically oozes from her reminds me of old videos of Adolf Hitler.


V the K said...

Yeah, the MSM is dutifully providing cover for her, showing no curiosity whatsoever about how a fugitive scam artist who listed six non-existent companies in his FEC filings came up with $850K to donate to her.

The money trail, most likely leads back to the ChiComs. Which would be difficult for Hilldog to explain, given that Americans are fed up with China stealing our manufacturing base while poisoning our children and dogs.

Lucky for her she's a Democrat.

None said...

or like said: "...she sold her soul to a man who cheated on her many times, treated her badly, and molested interns in the White House. She never had the self-respect to get out of a relationship that degraded her as a human being (yet, LET’S GIVE HER THE WHITE HOUSE!)"

Only I don't think it's lack of self-respect per se with her; again, I think it's anger + lust for power.