Monday, January 7, 2008

Thought for the day

Humankind's nature is to mold the environment to its own advantage. That's why and how humans survive.

But we are not omnipotent. "Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed." And, despite there being six billion of us, the environment is still much bigger and more powerful than humans. It consists of titanic oceanic and atmospheric forces powered by that enormous fusion reactor called, you know, the Sun.

The Global Warmists habitually exaggerate humanity's impact on the environment. That is, they exaggerate humanity's power to affect the environment. And, they claim, humanity should stop doing it. Blame Humanity First!

Global Warmism thus denigrates all of us - or humanity as such - for any weather that is perceived as inconvenient, or any climate-related misfortune. Simultaneously, Global Warmism asserts a comforting illusion that humanity, being all-powerful and all-important, could return to 1960s climates (perfect in hazy retrospect) if only we are sufficiently eco-virtuous.

In the end, Global Warmism functions as a convenient theodicy - the explanation of "Why Bad Things Happen to [allegedly] Good People" - for the modern-day pagan-atheist-narcissist.

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Ed said...

Excellent point. "Global warming" is just the current excuse for controlling the behavior of people through government coercion.